Other Foreign Languages

In addition to German and English, our language programme includes courses in French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian as well as many other languages. These courses are available on demand.

Our English language programme includes:

    Economic English
    Business English
    Technical English
    TOEFL / TOEIC Preparation Courses

We are happy to inform you about our course options in these languages.

The registration fee for all courses is €25.

English courses

English is the most wildly studied language in the world and the international working language for Economy, Industry and Research.

Our English courses bring you a step closer towards communicating with the entire world. It doesn't matter whether you want to deepen your general English knowledge or concentrate on a specific language field – we have the right course for you.

English for Economy

Keeping up with the international market requires more than simply knowing the cultural features of the homeland of business partners. It is also important to master business vocabulary and professional idioms.
Our Economic English course prepares you for international habits and complex conversational situations and leads you towards fluent English in the economic field. This includes practicing frequently encountered everyday situations in business life: telephone calls and written correspondences, negotiations and presentations, business trips and lunch dates. You can brush up on vocabulary and grammar, and your language knowledge will expand systematically.

With this preparation you can go confidently to the next negotiation with your international clients or business partners.

Technical English

In the field of Industry and Research, it is very common to meet international business partners and be confronted with very specific vocabulary. Our Technical English course prepares you for dealing with specific language fields.

All our English courses are organized in different levels and are offered in group courses, individual lessons and intensive courses.

We are happy to advise you on which course to choose.

Preparatory courses for TOEFL and TOEIC

People thinking about studying in an English-speaking country are usually required to take a recognized English test. Even in Germany, people wishing to further their studies through programmes completely or partially held in English need to prove they possess the respective language level.

Two of the most widely recognized tests are TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).  

We offer custom-fit preparatory courses for these tests, where each part of the exam is practiced and students' testing skills are especially reinforced by taking intensive sample tests. This way students can understand the extent, structure and content of the tests better.

The registration fee for all courses is €25.

Other Foreign Languages (copy 1)

In addition to German as a foreign language and English, our language program includes courses in French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, as well as many other languages (on demand).

We are happy to inform you about our course options in these languages.

The registration fee for all courses is €25.

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