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The language school Alpha Aktiv is your first point of contact when it comes to accommodation. We have our own student dormitories and apartments. We also provide host families with whom we have been successfully cooperating for many years. They are very reliable and a student's stay there is always comfortable.


Student Residence

The language academy Alpha Aktiv provides several student residences in Heidelberg. There are two buildings in the city center and another in the idyllic area Ziegelhausen. All these academy owned buildings have both single and double rooms.

In a student residence, a student has the choice of living alone or sharing a room with another student. In these residences, students share the kitchen and the bathroom with other flat-mates.

It is well known that students quickly make contact with other international students in these residences and that they can benefit from this through practicing what they have already learned in class on a daily basis.


Prices: Student Residences


Accommodation (Price per Person) 1 night 1 - 3 weeks 4 - 12 weeks 13 - 24 weeks 25 + weeks
Single Room (Dormitory in Bismarckplatz) € 50 € 140 € 130 € 125 € 120
Double Room (Dormitory in Bismarckplatz) € 40 € 120 € 110 € 100 € 95
Single Room (Dormitory in Ziegelhausen) € 50 € 130 € 120 € 115 € 110
Double Room (Dormitory in Ziegelhausen) € 40 € 115 € 100 € 90 € 85



 In addition to student residences, we offer accommodation in Alpha Aktiv owned apartments. Each apartment is equipped with its own bathroom and kitchenette.

The one-bedroom apartments can be used either as single or double rooms.

The academy also provides two-bedroom apartments in which both residents share the kitchen and bathroom.


Prices: Apartments


Accommodation (Price per Person) 1 night 1 - 3 weeks 4 - 12 weeks 13 - 24 weeks 25 + weeks
Single-Apartment (Bismarckplatz) € 70 € 225 € 210 € 190 € 170
Double-Apartment (Bismarckplatz) € 50 € 180 € 140 € 135 € 125



Host Families

Living with a host family is an alternative to living in our student residences or in an apartment. Living with a host family of our choice gives you the best chance to learn about the German way of life. In addition, by engaging with native speakers on a daily basis you get to improve your language skills in a very practical way.

The accommodation is usually booked with half board, but of course boarding arrangements can be customized if required.


Prices: Host Families (per week)


Host FamilyPer week


Accommodation with half-board     


€ 260

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