Foundation Courses

If you want to study at a German university and don’t have a degree that is equivalent to the German secondary school certificate (you can check whether your degree is equivalent or not here anabin), you will need to successfully pass an assessment exam, referred to as the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP).

The Feststellungsprüfung (FSP)

The FSP is a state-run assessment exam that determines whether or not you are ready to study at a German university. In other words, everyone who passes the exam is automatically eligible to apply at any university in Germany. The exam consists of a written section and an oral section. Its exact content depends on the main focus of the course that you choose:

M: For medical, biological and pharmaceutical disciplines such as:
Medicine, pharmacology, biology, agronomy, forest management, sports science

T: For mathematics, natural sciences and technical disciplines such as:
Architecture, civil engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, vocational school education, electrical engineering, geology, geoecology, computer sciences, information management, food technology, mechanical engineering, mathematics, mineralogy, physics, technical biology, technomathematics, geodesy, economics and business administration (technically oriented), business mathematics, engineering management, business informatics (alternatively also W course)

W: For business and social sciences disciplines such as:
Business administration, economics, business education, public administration

G: For humanities disciplines such as:
German, history, cultural studies, philosophy, communication studies, other languages and art disciplines (e.g. art or music studies)

S: For language disciplines
For languages (other than German), history (alternatively G course), law, social sciences (for both: alternatively also W course) and related disciplines

In order to successfully pass the FSP exam, you should ideally attend a preparation course (at what is known as a Studienkolleg). The course will get you ready not only for the exam, but also for your future studies. As a rule, it takes one year to finish the course, during which you will study various subjects, depending on the focus of your future studies. The course ends with the FSP exam, which you can take either internally or externally after attending one of the private Studienkollegs. Apart from the standard semester fees, these courses are free of charge at public universities. Due to the limited number of slots available, however, applicants are required to pass an entrance exam beforehand.

Our Studienkolleg

Our private Studienkolleg, at Alpha Aktiv language school in Heidelberg, offers you the best opportunity to prepare yourself both for the FSP exam and your studies in Germany – in terms of the language, subject matter and methods. You will not only expand your expertise, but also be introduced to various forms of studying, all the while using the German language to do so. For nine months, 30 hours a week, our skilled and committed expert lecturers will work with you, to bring you up to university speed and to give you the best possible start for your studies.

We also offer accommodation for our students.

Our course portfolio

Here are the courses that you can attend at our Studienkolleg:

The T course, which prepares you for mathematics, natural sciences and technical disciplines, includes

  • 8 hours of German
  • 8 hours of mathematics
  • 8 hours of physics
  • 4 hours of chemistry
  • 2 hours of English

The W course is for those who are interested in business and social sciences disciplines. The following classes will effectively prepare you for them:

  • 8 hours of German
  • 8 hours of business administration
  • 8 hours of economics
  • 4 hours of mathematics
  • 2 hours of English

The M course, which is designed for those who want to apply for courses in medicine and biology, includes the following classes:

  • 8 hours of German
  • 8 hours of biology
  • 8 hours of physics
  • 4 hours of chemistry
  • 2 hours of mathematics


Course registration

Our courses start twice a year, in February and September. In order to effectively participate in them, you will need German language skills at the B2 level.

If needed, we can personally advise you in advance on how to acquire the necessary level of language skills with classes that are best suited to your individual needs. (Contact us)

How it all works:

First, you apply with the following documents, which you can submit either by email or conventional “snail” mail (Alpha Aktiv - Privates Bildungsinstitut, Hans-Böckler-Straße 2, D-69115, Heidelberg, Germany):

  • your CV in tabular form
  • a copy of your secondary school certificate (translated into German or English)
  • proof of your German skills (B2 level)
  • Next, we check if you can immediately begin your studies at our Studienkolleg.
  • If so, then you’ll receive a confirmation from us regarding the start of your preparation course and organizational information concerning your arrival in Heidelberg.
  • If not, we’ll be happy to advise you individually with regard to the possible next steps on your way to your studies.
  • You arrive in Heidelberg, where you can begin with your preparation, and later, with your studies.

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